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Why I do what I do

The joy of being able to contribute to a project that will bring joy to both children and their parents is my true inner drive. As I draw a smile on a character's face I can feel that smile on my own face and I imagine that the child reading the book I have illustrated can also feel that smile.

The most magical section of a bookstore, for me, is the children's section. Countless times I have heard books being read aloud, children giggling, and grown-ups making dramatic sound effects all within the confines of authors like Enid Blyton, Eric Carle, Dr. Seuss, E. B. White, J.K. Rowling, Beatrix Potter, and so many others.

And then, of course, there are those magical illustrations that seem to keep a child's focus on the pages those words are flowing from. Artwork from Peggy Fortnum, Maurice Sendak, Arnold Lobel, Quentin Blake, Will Terry, Jake Parker, Yangsook Choi, Shaun Tan, Lee White, and of course Chris Van Allsburg.

With my partner, Robin MacBlane, I have been involved in creating stories for children since 1988. Together we have written stories and songs for children, created a weekly radio show for children, and have written and illustrated books for children.

What began as a way to educate and entertain our own children has become a lifetime passion for us both. Creating artwork for authors who have written a great children's book is like being a composer collaborating with a gifted lyricist. Being able to help others with the same passion for entertaining children that we have is our goal. 

 - Larry Whitler

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